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Framing 101: Putting it all Together!

If you've been following our blog, we hope you've come to realize that framing is more than just a frame around a picture. That works for small, personal pictures that decorate your mantle or nightstand; even those frames can be fancy and glitzy. You have to think about the mat colors, the layout, the moulding, even the glass. Which brings us to putting it all together. Once everything - mats, backer, glass - have been cut, and the frame has been joined, it all needs to come together in the final piece.  Sounds easy? Yes, and no. If everything was cut correctly, then it all just settles into the frame. If a measurement was off by just a fraction, it...

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Framing 101: Design Part B

Graduates often ask us ways to individualize their diploma frames. There are many ways that can be done. We offer frame designs with special touches built in, such as having the tiger paw etched into the glass. Other designs include the Clemson ring seal etch personalized with your graduation year. Although Clemson has changed the way they distribute diplomas, graduates are still getting a dark purple folder embossed with the name of the university on it. We can cut that lettering out of the folder and incorporate it into your frame design. Other add-ons include the stamped $2 bill, honors medals, college pins, and various pictures from campus. What do you do with the tassel from your cap? Add it to...

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Framing 101: Part 2: Matting and Design

Now that you know a little more about frame mouldings, let's talk about matting and design. Most framed items have more to them than just the picture and the frame; there is usually some type of matboard surrounding the picture to coordinate with the colors in the picture. Many pictures have more than one mat color showing. Framing mats come in thousands of different colors and textures; understandably, linen mats cost more to produce than paper, or wood pulp, mats. Customers choose what pleases them and coordinates best with the picture. Here at Clemson Variety & Frame, we naturally stock orange and purple mats because we frame quite a bit of Clemson memorabilia and more than a few Clemson diplomas....

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