Framing 101: Design Part B

Graduates often ask us ways to individualize their diploma frames. There are many ways that can be done. We offer frame designs with special touches built in, such as having the tiger paw etched into the glass. Other designs include the Clemson ring seal etch personalized with your graduation year. Although Clemson has changed the way they distribute diplomas, graduates are still getting a dark purple folder embossed with the name of the university on it. We can cut that lettering out of the folder and incorporate it into your frame design. Other add-ons include the stamped $2 bill, honors medals, college pins, and various pictures from campus. What do you do with the tassel from your cap? Add it to your diploma frame! When we do that, we actually tie the tassel with fishing line and sew it into the foam board backing of the frame. That way those little strings don't fly around and get stuck to the glass, ruining your frame. It is worth coming in to our store and talking with us to see what we can design for you!

If you received your degree from a school other than Clemson, we will be happy to match school colors and even find a symbol to etch onto the glass if that is what you'd like. We work to match your non-Clemson degree with the style from your Clemson degree so that they will coordinate when hanging on your wall.