Self-Installing vs. Having It Installed

If you've been in our store, you know there is a "menu" wall of diploma styles from which to choose. We talk you through the process of picking a style you like, the mat colors you want, maybe including a picture or etch, and picking the frame moulding. When you order online, those frames are built here in the store and then shipped to you with instructions for installing it yourself. They have "flex-tabs" on the back that bend out so that you can remove the backing, place your diploma inside and then close it back up. We have pre-made frames for Clemson diplomas that you can take with you today and then install your diploma at home. It is not that difficult, but getting everything lined up and even can sometimes be tricky. 

Ordering in-store includes our installing the diploma for you. When we do the installation, we replace the flex-tabs with steel points for a stronger hold. This reduces the chance that the glass or mats may shift. We also seal up the back with kraft paper to keep out dust and debris. By letting us install your diploma, we can offer the UV protective glass to keep the contents of the frame from yellowing or fading. The UV coating scratches very easily so we advise caution when doing a self-installation, or better yet, just let us install it for you.