Framing 101: Putting it all Together!

If you've been following our blog, we hope you've come to realize that framing is more than just a frame around a picture. That works for small, personal pictures that decorate your mantle or nightstand; even those frames can be fancy and glitzy. You have to think about the mat colors, the layout, the moulding, even the glass. Which brings us to putting it all together. Once everything - mats, backer, glass - have been cut, and the frame has been joined, it all needs to come together in the final piece. 

Sounds easy? Yes, and no. If everything was cut correctly, then it all just settles into the frame. If a measurement was off by just a fraction, it could throw the whole piece off. That said, the glass still has to be cleaned of ALL lint and dust. The mats, which are basically layers of paper and shed terribly, have to be cleaned of ALL lint and dust. Specialty glass, such as UV protective and museum glass, has to be handled with more than the usual care so that it does not get scratched or damaged. Then, if all the components line up and are free of dust, steel points are used to hold the layers of mats and the picture or diploma - the "guts" of the frame - in place so that nothing moves or shifts. If an etch is required on the glass, that too, has to be done with a certain level of precision. Once the contents are secured, the back is closed up with kraft paper and the hanging wire is attached with screws. If done incorrectly, this could result in a framed piece falling off the wall, breaking, and possibly injuring someone. All of this takes time, patience, and skill to be done correctly. In other words, the expense is not just for the materials but also for the knowledge and expertise that results in a framed diploma or artwork that you are proud to hang on your wall.